There are ten generations of Climenhaga, Climenhage, Climenhegg, and Glimanhaga family members since our common ancestor’s arrival in the New World in the late 1700s. In the following pages, generations 1 through 5 are all open access. Generation 6 through 10 require a password as these pages contain information on living individuals. If you would like to see these latter generations please send me an email message (jclimenh at

In the following pages I am using the Henry System,[1] which is a genealogy numbering system in which the system begins with 1. The oldest child becomes 11, the next child is 12, etc. The oldest child of 11 is 111, the next 112, and so on. In this numbering system only numbers 1 through 9 are used. Letters A through Z signify numbers 10 onward, e.g., A = 10, B = 11, C = 12 and so on.

In the example below my line begins with 1, then the second oldest child of 1 is 12, then the first oldest child of 12 is 121, and so on.

1 [Johann Henrich Wilhelm Kleimenhagen b 1758]
12 [Martin Climenhaga b 1794]
121 [Moses Climenhage b 1820]
1214 [Christian “Chris” Climenhage b 1853]
12142 [Levi Solomon “Lee” Climenhage b 1877]
121423 [Christian ‘Lloyd’ Climenhage b 1913]
1214232 [James ‘Lloyd’ Climenhage b 1947]
12142321 [Lloyd ‘James’ Climenhage b 1969]


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  1. Henry, Reginald Buchanan. Genealogies of the Families of the Presidents. Rutland, Vermont: The Tuttle Company, 1935.(↵)

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