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CLIMENHAGA: Whence Comest Thou?

begin this post by acknowledging that I am not a Climenhag-with-an-a. I am, instead, a Climenhag-with-an-e. Contrary to the opinion of some, neither spelling is true or correct, each having evolved from the German surname Kleimenhagen and its Anglicized form … Continue reading

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KLEIMENHAGEN’S of Ober-Waroldern

As recorded in the Maryland Journal, a ‘William Kleimenhagen’ posted a classified ad in April of 1789 stating he is “late from Germany, Country of Waldeck, Upper-Waroldern, having a brother named John Herry[sic] Kleimenhagen …” According to church records this Kleimenhagen family … Continue reading

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Finding Henrich: The Story of the Climenhag* Ancestor

The following narrative was written based on primary and secondary sources, as well as a good bit of circumstantial evidence. Based on what evidence we have I have attempted here to “connect the dots” in a clear and concise manner. … Continue reading

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Kleimenhagen to Climenhag*: A Theory, Pt. 1

have previously mentioned the land grant application of Henry Climenhagen, dated July of 1797, and the subsequent arrival of the land grant receipt in 1805. It has also been established that Henry’s German surname was Kleimenhagen, and, according to the … Continue reading

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What was the original family name?

ased on documents signed by this family’s pioneering ancestor there is no doubt that the family names of Climenhaga and Climenhage (and the now defunct Climenhegg and Glimanhaga) were originally not spelled in any of these written forms. In fact, … Continue reading

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