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CLIMENHAGA: Whence Comest Thou?

begin this post by acknowledging that I am not a Climenhag-with-an-a. I am, instead, a Climenhag-with-an-e. Contrary to the opinion of some, neither spelling is true or correct, each having evolved from the German surname Kleimenhagen and its Anglicized form … Continue reading

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CLIMENHAGA Family Reunion 1932

was reminded of this wonderful family photograph this week after learning of the passing of Reta (Philp) Carrigan, a descendant of Benjamin Climenhaga, who was kind enough to share it with me. It is a family reunion of the descendants … Continue reading

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Luetta ACKER: A child bride

n doing genealogical research, I sometimes come across a finding that gives me pause. This happened for me this week with Luetta Acker.[1] Luetta was a daughter of Susannah Climenhaga/e and Andrew Acker. On September 26th 1894[2]—her twelfth birthday[3]—she was … Continue reading

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David CLIMENHAGA (1826-1913). Letter to his Grandchildren

I do not have a copy of this letter in my possession. This transcription was found in the book, “Two Hundred Years with the Siders,” (pp. 29-30). If anyone has a copy of this letter, or knows someone who does, … Continue reading

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Later Family Links by Asa W. CLIMENHAGA

“LATER FAMILY LINKS By Asa W. Climenhaga (c1940) his memory book may be of some interest to a number of people, but it will chiefly concern the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Peter Martin Climenhaga and Anna (Winger) Climenhaga. To … Continue reading

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Mystery Monday: Unknown Man

o you recognize me? This is the second installment of the ‘Unidentified Climenhag* Family Relatives’ series. This installment features a young man who may have lived in Welland County, Ontario in the Stevensville/Ridgeway/Fort Erie (Bertie Township) area, or the city … Continue reading

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Feature Friday: Benjamin CLIMENHAGA

ENJAMIN ‘BEN’ CLIMENHAGA was born 19 August 1851 and died 23 April 1938 from chronic nephritis (kidney disease).[1] He was born and raised in Stevensville, Bertie Township, Welland County, Ontario and Stevensville was his final resting place. He was the … Continue reading

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Last Will and Testament of Martin CLIMENHAGA

Martin Climenhaga[1] was the eldest son of Henry Climenhagen. He was married to Elizabeth Damude, daughter of Henry Damude, and had four children by this union. Born in Pennsylvania in 1794 he immigrated to Upper Canada with his sister Anna … Continue reading

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