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Throwback Thursday: CLIMENHAGE brothers

recently visited some of my cousins in Ontario. Although we had never met before, we had been in contact by email, and they were kind enough to allow me to scan many of their old family photos. I found many … Continue reading

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Black Creek Pioneer Cemetery

ecently while in Ontario I re-visited the Black Creek Pioneer Cemetery in Stevensville, just off College Road. Many of my ancestors are buried there. I couldn’t help but lament the poor state of many of the grave markers. Many of … Continue reading

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CLIMENHAGA: Whence Comest Thou?

begin this post by acknowledging that I am not a Climenhag-with-an-a. I am, instead, a Climenhag-with-an-e. Contrary to the opinion of some, neither spelling is true or correct, each having evolved from the German surname Kleimenhagen and its Anglicized form … Continue reading

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The Saturday Night Fun Challenge

he table below lists the birth places for five generations of my family. I was inspired to do this by Kris Hocker, who got the idea from Randy Seaver. If you’re interested you can make your own birth chart here. … Continue reading

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GLIMANHAGA Gleanings from Indiana Newspapers 1850-1924

hat follows are gleanings from Indiana newspapers pertaining to the Gimanhaga family after they arrived in Elkhart, Indiana in the late 1840s. I had intended to write this information in story form, and I may still do that, but it’s … Continue reading

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CLIMENHAGA Family Reunion 1932

was reminded of this wonderful family photograph this week after learning of the passing of Reta (Philp) Carrigan, a descendant of Benjamin Climenhaga, who was kind enough to share it with me. It is a family reunion of the descendants … Continue reading

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Abraham CLIMENHEGG (1800-1835): Chippewa General Store Ledger, 1835

enrich Kleimenhagen had five children. His fourth child and third son, Abraham, was born 13 August 1800 at Bertie Township, Lincoln County, Ontario.[1] He was probably the namesake of Abraham Beam, a friend of his father’s, who had died the previous … Continue reading

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Christian CLIMENHAGE’s Pocket Watch

don’t recall exactly when my father passed down my great-great-grandfather’s pocket watch to me. It must’ve been in my early twenties. At the time I didn’t really understand the watch’s true value or importance. It was just an old watch. … Continue reading

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Eighty Years or More by Asa W. CLIMENHAGA

A number of years ago while looking through records held by the Ridgeway Museum I came upon a photocopy of an address given by Asa W. Climenhaga on the occasion of his father’s ninetieth birthday celebration. In it he describes, … Continue reading

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