climenhage_jamesMy interest in the family history began in my teens from a small family tree that was sent to my father by Joan Oppertshauser. In my early 30s I began to develop a deeper interest in the family history. I found an abundance of information on the internet listing a lot of the Climenhag* ancestry. Over time I came to realize that many of these sources were grossly incomplete, outdated, or simply incorrect. It also became apparent that, although a number of people have undertaken the task of tracking down their own branch of the family tree, no one had attempted to compile all the family information in one place—to amass a complete Climenhag* family history. I began compiling the information for the Climenhag* Project, a ten generation family tree, in 2003 with this goal in mind. The family tree can now be found in the ‘Generations’ tab above. This project then extended to the current blog where I share and expand on my research findings from the last decade. I grew up in Fenwick, Ontario, and currently live in Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada.

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