CLIMENHAGA Family Reunion 1932

I was reminded of this wonderful family photograph this week after learning of the passing of Reta (Philp) Carrigan, a descendant of Benjamin Climenhaga, who was kind enough to share it with me. It is a family reunion of the descendants of Benjamin Climenhaga that occurred in 1932 at the home of his son Emerson Climenhaga.

Climenhaga family reunion 1932

Top row (L to R) – Olive Philp, Emily (Ruegg) Saylor w/son Robert, Dorothy (Philp) Main, Mildred Climenhaga, Marion Climenhaga w/dau Doris, Daniel Climenhaga w/son Arden, Dale Climenhaga, Ruth Carver w/dau Shirley, Lottie (Climenhaga) Asper w/dau Barbara, Catherine Climenhaga, Bert Climenhaga.

Middle Row (L to R) – Ernest Climenhaga w/son Lloyd, Emerson Climenhaga, Benjamin Climenhaga, Esther (Climenhaga) Philp, Claude Philp w/dau Patricia, Glen Climenhaga w/dau Shirley, John Emerson Ruegg w/son Lorne, Gladys Climenhaga.

Bottom Row (L to R) – Arthur Climenhaga, Emerson Climenhage*, Leona Carver, Helen Saylor, Evelyn Carver, Mary Lou Asper, Alice Climenhaga, Paul Ruegg, Howard Ruegg, Rosena Carver.

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3 Responses to CLIMENHAGA Family Reunion 1932

  1. Ted Smith says:

    Thanks again James for information about Climenhagas (& Saylors)

    Ted Smith – descendent of Samuel Saylor and Anna Climenhaga.

  2. Scott Climenhaga says:

    Wow, so surprised to see this photo!! I am Scott Climenhaga, son of Arden, and grandson of Daniel Climenhaga. I live in Ridgeway, Ontario and am 53 years of age. My family is from here in Ridgeway, photo probably from this area as well.

    • Hello Scott. Thank-you for your comment. This really is a great photo particularly for your family–not only can we see your father (Arden) and grandfather (Daniel), but also your great-grandfather (Emerson) and great-great grandfather (Benjamin). I’m sure there were many copies of this photo given out. This particular copy came from Welland, Ontario.

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