CLIMENHEGG family reunion 1900?

Possible Climenhegg family reunion photo taken at Niagara Falls/Fort Erie area (c1900)

Close-up of Climenhegg [?] reunion photo (c1900)
Close-up of Climenhegg [?] reunion photo (c1900)
This photograph is a great mystery to me. It was sent to me from a woman who found it in the archives of the Brethren in Christ head office in Oakville, Ontario. The inscription on the back reads: “Niagara River picture of Climenhaga Family Reunion 1900 # 24.”

I have sent this photo out to folks all over North America within the Climenhag* family and the BIC church (including the Oakville office) in the hopes that someone would recognize at least one person in this photo. But, no such luck. There has been quite a lot of research on the ‘Climenhaga’ branch of the family which leads me to believe that this photo is not associated with anyone from that particular branch.

One of the least researched family tree lines is that of the ‘Climenhegg’ family. This line stems from Abraham Climenhegg, third born son of Henry Climenhagen. Abraham was born in 1800 and died in 1835. And although Abraham’s eldest son, Nathaniel, had many children, for some reason the Climenhegg line did not prosper. There are descendants of this branch alive today but none carry the Climenhegg family name. Abraham’s daughter’s also married and had large families–Susannah to Joseph Winger and Mary to James Phillips.

Perhaps some of the fifteen folks in this photo are children and grandchildren of Nathaniel Climenhegg and/or his younger sisters. Some of the names associated with this family are Baker, Clites, Huffman, Morgan, Phillips, Pritchard, Shisler, Smith, Truckenbrodt, Winger, Wright, and Zimmerman.

If you recognize anyone in the photo, or think someone looks familiar, please contact me.


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