David CLIMENHAGA family

David Climenhaga Family
David Climenhaga Family (circa 1905)
Front row: Susanna (Climenhaga) Winger; Daniel Climenhage; Lydia (Climenhaga) Saylor; Mary Ann (Climenhaga) Sider
Back row: Sarah (Climenhaga) Engle; David Climenhaga; Abigail (Barnhart) Climenhaga; Caroline (Climenhaga) Sider.
*Missing: Peter Martin Climenhaga and Benjamin Climenhaga

The second son and third child of Martin Climenhaga and Elizabeth Damude, DAVID CLIMENHAGA was born August 24th, 1826 at Bertie Township, Welland County, Ontario Canada and died August 5th, 1913 at that same place from old age. At age 22 he wed ABIGAIL BARNHART on October 3rd 1848. Abigail was the daughter of Peter Barnhart and Mary Ann Fretz. She was born August 5th 1830 and died February 14th 1908 at Bertie Township. David and Abigail lived on a farm between Black Creek and the village of Stevensville. When his children were grown David spent much of his time making cider and vinegar which he would sell.

Back: Jesse Lewis Climenhage holding Claude Aquilla Climenhage. Front: David Climenhaga and his son Daniel Climenhage. Note the name change (circa 1906).
Back: Jesse Lewis Climenhage holding Claude Aquilla Climenhage. Front: David Climenhaga and his son Daniel Climenhage (circa 1907).

“Around 1900, Dave Climenhaga had a cider mill located at his farm on the east side of Winger Road and north of the ConRail (Michigan Central) railway line east of Stevensville. The mill used horse power to turn a “jack” –that is, a gear arrangement. Horses walked in a circle, in the same system that was used to operate a log saw or a small thresher. This “jack gear” operated the pulper and press. Horses pulling wagons of apples lined up on the road “clear back to Stevensville.” The process has been described as requiring two men to turn a capstan, as on a boat, and this was used to screw down the press.”[1]

David was also an avid carpenter and furniture maker of such items as benches, stools, crutches and stirring ladles which he enjoyed giving to community members and visitors.[2] He had a keen interest in the family history and took great pride in maintaining the Black Creek Pioneer Cemetery (known as Winger or Brillinger Cemetery in his day). He was a lifelong member of the Tunker church and served as Deacon for many years. Laid to rest at Bertie Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery, Bertie Township, Welland County, Ontario.


  • Peter Martin Climenhaga b 1850
  • Benjamin Climenhaga b 1851
  • Esther Elizabeth Climenhaga b 1853
  • Susanna Climenhaga b 1855
  • Daniel Climenhage* b 1857
  • Elisha Climenhaga b 1859
  • Mary Ann Climenhaga b 1862
  • Sarah Climenhaga b 1864 twin
  • Caroline Climenhaga b 1864 twin
  • Lydia Climenhaga b 1868
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