Last Will and Testament of Henry CLIMENHAGEN

The following is the last Will and Testament of Henry Climenhagen “as written:”

In the Name of God Amen the 15 day of December in the year of our lord 1804 I Henry Climenhagen of the township of Birty County of Lincoln & State of Upper Canaday yeoman in perfect health and of perfect mind and memory thanks be to god Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to Say principally my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it and for my Body I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian and decent manner at the discretion of my executors and as for my worldly Estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise and dispose of the Same in the following manner and form first that my Lawful debts be pead then I give and bequeath unto Barbery my beloved Wife all my Lands that I now posess and all my movables goods and Chattels As long as She Remains my wife and then She is to have the value of fifteen pounds to her Set out if Required which is to be Araisd out of my Lands. I also apinte her Executor with Christian Shoup and Doctor Peter Hershe of the same place and State Afore mentioned of this my last Will and testament I also Alow my Childer to have equal Shares all of them of all that I now posess to my Son Martin Climenhagen I give the old dweling place with all the Buildings and improvements and one hundert Ackers of land to him and his heirs and Asigns for ever to my Daughter Anna I give one Hundert Ackers to her and her heirs and Asigns forever third to my Son Henry I give one Hundert Ackers to him and his heirs and Asigns for ever fourth I give to my Son Abraham one hundert Ackers of land to him and his heirs and Asigns forever fift I give to my Son Mosis one hundert Ackers of land to to [sic] him and to his heirs and Asigns for ever and if Any of my Childers die without heirs the land and property is to be Devided Among the rest of his brothers and Sister Whom I likewise Constitute make and ordain the Sole executrix of this my last Will and testament all and Singlar my lands messages and tenements by them freely to be possessed and enjoyed and I do hereby utterly Disallow Revoke and disannul all and every other former testaments wills Legacies Bequests and executors by me in any wise before named willed and Bequeathed ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last will and testament in witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and Seal this fifteen day of December in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundert and four [Signed] Henrich Kleimenhagen [1]

Signed in the presents of us
[Signed] Christian Vinecke
[Signed] Johannes Wenger


Dystrict of Niagara/ Surrogate Court

Be it remembered that on the Seventh day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred Five personally came and appeared before me Robert Kerr Surrogate for the Dystrict aforesaid Chrystian Vinecke and John Winger both of the same Dystrict aforesaid (who being of the Religious Society called Tunkers) yeomen. Do affirm and declare before almighty God that they were personally present when the within named testator Henry Clymenhagen, deceased, Signed testament and promised & delivered the within to be his last Will and Testament and that they the said Christian Vinecke & John Winger Witnessed testament and signed their names to the same in the presence of each other as well as of the Testator.
[Signed] Christian Vinecke
[Signed] Johannes Wenger

Affirmed at Regional Office
[Signed] Robert Kerr Surrogate –
District of Niagara

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  1. Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference Number GS 2, Reel 91(↵)
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