Henry CLYMENHAGEN: Land Grant Petition 1797


On July 14th, 1797, Henry Clymenhagen filed a land grant petition requesting two-hundred acres of land in Willoughby Township, Lincoln County, in Upper Canada. He, his wife Barbary and two children—Anna and Martin, had arrived in Upper Canada at the end of June and were residing at Macklin’s farm on the Chippewa:

“To His Honor Peter Russell Esquire President of the government of Upper Canada – *** In Council. The Petition of Henry Clymenhagen Humbly shews – That your Petitioner came into this Province about three weeks ago with his family consisting of a wife and two children who are on a farm of Mr. Macklin’s on the Chippewa; that your petitioner has also brought in with him, cattle, and other means of improving land; that he is a native of Germany and being desirous to settle in the Province, prays your Honor will be pleased to grant him 200 acres of land for settlement and your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.” [Signed] Henrich Kleimenhagen, Niagara, 14 July 1797” [1]

“To The Clerk of E Council. Received at the Executive Council Office on 14 Jul 1797 and administered oath of allegiance the same day. Read in Council on 14 Jul 1797. Ordered recommended for 200 acres to be appropriated for 12 months from this day.” [2]

Although Henry applied for this land grant in 1797, a receipt was not received until 1805 in the name of ‘Henry Klimenhaga’—this, apparently, a mistaken reading of Henry’s signature on his land grant petition by the Receiver General’s Office.

“Receiver Generals Office Feb 7th 1805. Henry Klimenhaga has paid into this Office £3.5.2 for a Grant of 200 Acres ordered him in Council OR on 25 July 1797. The Surveying fees if any to be paid at the Surveyor Generals office [Signed] Peter Russell RGUC” [3]

Henry was issued 200 acres in Lots 6 and 7 Cross Concession, Willoughby Township, Lincoln County, Upper Canada. These lots were later willed to his oldest child Anna (Climenhaga) Sider, and youngest child Moses Glimanhaga, respectively.

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